Why Are Some Women’s Breasts Smaller Than Others?

The main ingredient behind the size of a woman’s breasts is Estrogen.

Estrogen is a natural hormone found in all females bodies and is the thing most responsible for femininity. Not only does it help us produce breasts and curves, it is also the main factor behind the menstrual cycle. It is formed throughout puberty and has us develop from girls into women.

no worries about breast sizeThroughout our teenage years our body changes greatly as we develop and grow into fully fledged women. We experience our first periods as the changes take hold and we grow breasts and become curvy in ways we were not previously used to. This is all to do with the brain producing Estrogen which courses through the body and develops these changes as a fast rate.

Whilst in puberty, our bodies, as females have an Estrogen overload and this is why our breasts develop as such a quick rate. Once we finish puberty and enter into maturity, the body only produces the right amount of Estrogen to maintain the body. This means our breasts will not grow and develop anymore and leaves many ladies with smaller or under developed boobs.

We can expect our boobs to grow if we put on weight or get pregnant but many women refuse to put weight on just to grow bigger breasts. The only way to help develop our breasts further, without additional weight or pregnancy is to consume natural estrogen that is found in certain plants, herbs and food. If done correctly, this stimulates the breasts into growth in a similar way to puberty and they can grow as much as 1 – 2 cup sizes! A huge difference for any lady who wants to develop her boobs naturally.

This is explained in more detail in the great Ebook – Boost Your Bust, where the author Jenny Bolton goes into great detail about what foods to eat as well as other techniques to help enlarge breasts naturally without surgery. Check out the review here for more details and my story.